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Meet your child on his/her reading level and celebrate the successes at that level.

I want parents to know how preparing their children to learn to deal with their disability can inspire confidence and enable them to look forward to a proud future where they understand their disability as well as their strengths, self-advocating for their unique learning style. Just because your child can't physically decode the words and/or write a response to a reading comprehension question doesn't mean you can't push for higher oral comprehension, or neglect one of your child's strengths.Letting your children use their strengths will boost their confidence, and it has the benefit of letting them see that you know they are excelling at something. Celebrate Every Success “Mom, can we get ice cream? Not with grades on that report card,” says a disappointed parent.Also some of the students we assess find concentration in the classroom difficult when they are working independently on their school work.They either find noise from their fellow classmates or a very quiet room is very distracting.The Department of Labor has predicted that the number of nurses in the workforce will grow by 582,000 to 3.2 million nurses by the year 2018 and that there will be over one million job openings due to growth and replacement needs between 20 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008).

The ADA does not contain a list of medical conditions that constitute disabilities. Therefore, some nurses with medical conditions will be covered under the ADA and some will not.It offers many advantages to the dyslexic student whereas hand printing or writing creates more problems.* Always design your questions and assignments around a given conclusion or fact.Celebrate every success with a good job or a high five. Don't rely on report card grades to be the judge of your student's progress.Celebrate his or her reading a singular word correctly.Permit them to do fewer assignments or allow more time to complete them all.