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Several of the groups listed below will provide school and community-based trainings to youth, staff and parents for little or no cost.

Please explore the sites to find the resource that best meets the need of your school and community.

When he was returned to his family, the Lenape explained to Saboroweski that they had taken the child in order to teach him their language so that he could serve as a translator.They granted Saboroweski approximately 2,000 acres (8.1 km A section of Paramus known as Dunkerhook (meaning dark corner in Dutch) was a free African-American community dating to the early 18th century.So they don't write to Santa to ask for what they want. And just like a guy on a night shift from hell, he was exhausted. The dynamic was such that it was like he was in a rough place, and we were trying to help him. And maybe you do the wrong thing when you thought you did the right thing. And they took a balloon and blew it up about the size of a golf ball and put it on his nose. You take a dog, and if you've got a male dog, and you don't want that dog to go, I call it, tramping all over the countryside, you castrate him. Over the next year, Bambi grew up, developed antlers. And when hunting season rolled around, the girls begged their dad to lock up Bambi somewhere on their property. The girls would take him into town sometimes in a car. The Mexican tradition at Christmas is to write to the three kings.[SPEAKING SPANISH]. And so I think we talked with him for a bit and then put him on his way. The truth is when some old man that you just met in the dark golf course on Christmas Eve actually asks me and my brother and my sister if we want to go with him somewhere that we have no idea, while that might be the coolest thing of all time, it might also be the end of life as I know it. There's a time when the kids are young and you experience the magic through them. And to be in that-- maybe you cheat a little bit, and you sort of become-- you're living through them. And the basic facts of her childhood are the kinds of things that lots of little girls only read about in story books. We just put our hands on his, what we call their withers, where their neck goes right into their shoulders. And he stood there with this red thing on his nose all during the play. So we spent the whole night standing there by the deer. I can remember him saying that it was really a nice play, and he was glad that the deer had a part in it. We knew that if dad had let us castrate him, we would have had him forever. Connie and her sisters liked to touch the velvet on his antlers, she says. And people would come up to them on the street and pet him. We offer a variety of course options, both online and on campus, so you can shorten your time to graduation, earn credits while home for the summer, try out Ramapo if you are considering transferring, take a pre-requisite for fall or learn a new skill. Register Now Another academic year has come to a close.

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the annual Arching Ceremony on May 10 and to the more than 1,600 graduates who received their degrees on May 11 at Prudential Center in Newark.And the nighttime air will be filled with music as we present the TD Bank Summer Concert Series on Thursday evenings in July.A suburb of New York City, Paramus is located 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km) northwest of Midtown Manhattan and approximately 8 miles (13 km) west of Upper Manhattan.Museum building photo Because technical and vocational schooling is always closely tied to the job market, the cornerstone of the district’s success has been its ability to adapt to the changing needs of local industry.When industry’s needs later changed from hand tools to computers, technical education had to adapt as well.Ho-Ho-Kus was incorporated as a borough by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on October 12, 1908, from what had originally been the borough of Orvil, which was in turn created on March 8, 1905, from portions of Orvil Township.