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My only concern as mentioned before was that it is a very quiet, couples orientated place and that it's a big risk for a single 27 yo commiting to moving from a big city like London for 2 years - so it;s good to hear that I am likely to meet lots of people in a similar situation to me!

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It is anticipated that an updated version of the Cayman Islands’ CRS guidance notes will be released in the upcoming weeks.It is being reported that the guidance notes are currently being reviewed by the Cayman Islands AEOI Working Group and will be posted on the CRS legislation page once amendments have been finalized.It’s a weird place to date because I think people get a really one-sided version of one another.The life we have here as expats is usually not the same or as multi-faceted as it is back at home.The pace was slow and soon you got to know everybody as the expat community was fairly small and tended to meet at just a few bars," he explained.

"I enjoyed very much the quiet pace, the comradeship, the social life and the many parties.(My wife and I bought Toyota Windoms for about 00 each - 14 years old, but in wonderful shape. ) Deposits may be required for utilities and all the usual things; you may want to join sports clubs. I've done alot of research and I think I'm close to signing the contract!Your employer will pay you net of compulsory pensions and medical insurance contributions. I'll be working for a big accountancy firm so they pay my travel out, apartment and hire car for first few weeks etc. I plan to use to find a cheap car and some fun people to share an apartment with in George Town / SMB once I go in October - are there any particular areas you recommend living if like me you plan to be close to the action and out and about meeting people as much as possible?Is anyone able to give me any further info on life in Cayman for a single guiy in late 20's - is there a large number of single 20 somethings who like to go out and socialise / party alot, or am I risking leaving London for a rather boring life in that respect?Also, in terms of start up costs, apart from buying a car and paying a deposit on an apartment to rent, are there any other major start-up costs I should be aware of? (I'm a brand-new Member - check out my profile and blog.) You should have no concerns about your social life. Drunk-driving is severely punished, so you may not want to live too far from the action.A revised AEOI Portal User Guide is also expected to be released in the near future.