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It's very important to use pictures on your website to bring up the main concepts of your website. Search engines understand the pictures by their alt tags.If there is no alt tag, search engine doesn't understand anything from the image.Now, while this doesn’t sound like some major Nelly and Kelly drama, it is to me as a newly bisexual man. So, do I leave it out and tell people in the course of online conversation?It’s a minefield on what is a predominantly straight dating site as I just know (or assume) that if I put ‘bisexual’ on my bio, het women are going to run a mile screaming “HE SUCKS DICK AS WELL!!! Even this sounds positively terrifying, as there is a chasm between chatting to someone online and talking in the flesh and these kind of intrinsic details about yourself may be conveyed in wholly the wrong manner. I think it’s probably a topic best left for discussion in person. While this dating site is all very well if you’re looking for some quick sexual gratification in the back of a grubby Ford Focus on a Wednesday lunchtime, dating as a bisexual man is a whole different ballgame. ) from 55-year-old men who obviously missed the bit where I put a maximum age of 40.Compressed Size : This is the size of the HTML on your site once it has been compressed.

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I have concluded that being a bisexual man is, well – challenging. ”, people have told me (I would if I was getting any in either world, yes); “Twice the fun!

”, others have said (working on the assumption I have ‘fun’ in the first place).

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