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You can create lists by importing subscriber information from your CRM tool or from signup forms on your website.

Don’t worry about duplicates, bounces, and unsubscribes, as they are automatically removed.

Segmenting helps you send relevant content to relevant people.You can segment your list based on various criteria.But if you add new data in the cell below the original data range, the relative drop down list cannot be updated.Here I will tell you a good way to auto update the drop down list when adding new data to the original data.A powerful part of Mail Chimp is your list, which stores your contacts’ email addresses and other valuable information.

Before you can import or collect subscribers, you'll need to create a list and configure its default settings.Zoho Campaigns makes sure your list is clean, as health of your list determines the success of your campaigns.One of the best ways to reach the right audience is by creating segments.You can segment by this rating which can be useful to reward your best customers or entice back your least engaged subscribers.If you delete your old list, all this information goes with it.In the Address Book, select one of the people and edit their email address. Jan Smith has the email address Athesmiths @ domain. As the email addresses are not the same, they will both move to the mailing list.