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As a result, the binding source is the Row instance itself rather than a property of the Row as would more normally be the case when binding data.The rest of the post described how to create a collection view which sorts the collection via the Row's string indexer.

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Now that it is out there people want to know how to use it.If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place.Read more about the features that the Silverlight 2 Data Grid has to offer… NET and two for Windows Forms, but until now Silverlight and WPF were left out of the party.If you have ever worked on an application that displayed large amounts of data, one of the cornerstones of your application was probably a Data Grid control. At MIX 2008 we shipped the first preview of the Silverlight Data Grid and a preview of it in WPF was also shown.We’ll also go beyond the data binding mechanics to look to look at the patterns and practices you can use in a UI layer to build maintainable code.

Databinding is the magic that that sits between your objects (know as a ).UPDATE: This blog post was written with a SL2 Data Grid, for SL3, please see my updated blog post.In my previous blog post I described a method for solving the commonly faced problem of binding a Silverlight Data Grid to dynamic data, the form of which is not know at compile time.The model isn’t concerned with how the data will appear in front of the user – it’s job is to hold the data.The view, meanwhile, can take the model and render it inside of grids, charts, and lists.It periodically receives new items to add to a list from this service, and each new element is added to the end of an Observable Collection (collection. The items themselves don't change once they are received, and the items' class inherits INotify Property Changed, however when I add new items (received from WCF), the Data Grid doesn't update. // Data now expanded (to show full information like usernames // past Trades is an observable Collection foreach (var trade in converted Trades) On New My Trade History(past Trades); This should work. INFO: I have found the solution, but Stackoverflow won't let me post an answer until 5 hours later. The solution was to remove the custom Equals() method from the Item Wrapper class. I'd imagine that the Data Grid was testing for equality somewhere, and somehow something was returning an incorrect test.