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On this day 230 years ago, the American folk hero Davy Crockett was born.

A few minutes later the report was exposed as a hoax and the markets quickly returned to their pre-tweet levels. If you thought “humans”, you were woefully out of date.But, to many, the idea that one fake tweet could have such an enormous impact on the financial markets was incredible. Over the past decade or so there has been a technological coup d’etat on the trading Brian Dunning Filed under Conspiracy Theories Skeptoid Podcast #311 May 22, 2012 Podcast transcript | Download | Subscribe Also available in Russian Listen: Today we're going to point our skeptical eye at the famous Rothschild banking family, and the multitudinous conspiracy theories surrounding them.Just about every conspiracy theory website that presumes the world's governments act in willing concert under the guidance of some secret council points the finger at the Rothschilds.Living in France when it fell to the Germans, he was captured and interned at a series of prisons, then used by the Nazi propaganda division to make radio broadcasts to the U. detailing his supposedly fair treatment in captivity.

He was accused of “treachery” and never returned to the UK, moving to America instead.We're going to take a modern-day look at this mysterious family, see who they really are and what they really do, and see exactly what evidence there is that shows that they are actually directing world affairs.Why would superpowers such as the United States, Russia, and China willing give up their sovereignty, conducting wars and exerting control over markets according to instructions from above? Driven by their quest for money, the Rothschilds have been said to assassinate US Presidents, and to create virtually every war since the 1800s in order to finance both sides.Programmed to scan the internet for words or phrases that might effect stock markets, the unthinking machines had immediately seized upon the tweet, noted the proximity of the words “Obama”, “explosions” and “White House” and unleashed a torrent of trades.Within seconds, the Dow Jones had plunged 140 points and more than 0 billion of capital had been wiped out.It is quite the reversal for a man who after the Second World War found his writings banned from all British libraries.