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But the real reason people are buzzing about it is because of its calendar of parties (like pajama parties) and its bottomless mimosa brunches on Sundays.

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Make a reservation in the early evening and find yourself four hours later ordering yet another bottle of wine from the approachable list.For me, the old Uncle Charlies on Greenwich holds a special place in my heart.The cocktails are great, and the small plates like prosciutto & figs or burrata are perfect to share. Superficiality aside, Alameda is an excellent cocktail bar - it’s just a big bonus that it’s a beautiful one as well.You know how you tend to like people more when you’re with them in an attractive space? It’s hard for a date to go too wrong when you have a seat at the giant U-shaped bar, a perfectly-made cocktail in hand, and maybe a burger to split in front of you. Nothing says “let’s take this slow” like a tiny plate of olives. Chelsea is home to many Spanish date spots, and Tía Pol has more of a bar vibe than something like El Quinto Pino.Now, let's not lose hope, because we've rounded up 10 of the best bars that attract singles from far and wide. Instead, head out to these bars to turn up the flame this fall!

We can send you in VIP style (reserved table for 6, absinthe punch to go around) & see revivalist jazz of the era. Proletariat is a much-deserved look into no-holds-barred beer geekdom, blissfully free of TVs, generic pub grub & high-fiving mooks.With a population nearly into the eight-figure range, it makes sense than New York harbors a teeming population of single men and women, and yet it seems like everyone you meet is taken.And at Donna, there are many of them, like the beautiful design that makes it feel like a cocktail church, or the fact that this place has been open for four years and still no one really knows about it.Here at Eater, core staff has a theory about dating.It just opened in September, but this new kid on the block is already gaining popularity amongst the Uptown singles crowd.