Dating innaccurate

The Act says that: This is the fourth data protection principle.

Although this principle sounds straightforward, the law recognises that it may not be practical to double-check the accuracy of every item of personal data you receive.

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Adjusting the date and time of the device didn't resolve anything!This may happen when your phone comes with a pre-installed Whats App Messenger app.Where it is inaccurate, the individual concerned has a right to apply to the court for an order to rectify, block, erase or destroy the inaccurate information.In addition, where an individual has suffered damage in circumstances that would result in compensation being awarded and there is a substantial risk of another breach, then the court may make a similar order in respect of the personal data in question.Having tried without success to resolve the dispute informally, they go to court to ask for the records to be amended.

Ever encountered the phone date is inaccurate problem in Whats App.It may be impractical to check the accuracy of personal data someone else provides.In recognition of this, the Act says that even if you are holding inaccurate personal data, you will not be considered to have breached the fourth data protection principle as long as: In these circumstances the court may (as an alternative to ordering the rectification etc.So the Act makes special provision about the accuracy of information that individuals provide about themselves, or that is obtained from third parties.To comply with these provisions you should: The Data Protection Act does not define the word “accurate”, but it does say that personal data is inaccurate if it is incorrect or misleading as to any matter of fact.Prior to this I was able to use it properly, but now every time it'z telling me that my phone date is inaccurate. my whatsapp plus was working well but today it said the version became obsolete on .