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Governor William Hull and Judge Augustus Woodward dissolved the original incorporation, replacing it in 1806 with a government headed by an appointed mayor.This section contains the profiles of each of the 27 Member States of SELA, with information on the following aspects: Geography and Climate, Population, Economic and Social-Demographic Indicators and Government, among others.

He's immediately smitten with her and after several amusing attempts, they finally manage to go on a date (which happens to be a State dinner for the visiting President of France). His relationship with Wade opens the door for his prime political opponent, Senator Bob Rumson, to launch an attack on the President's character, something he could not do in the previous election as Shepherd's wife had only recently died. Subsequent elections were held in May of each year, chairmen of the Board of Trustees were James May (1803–1804), Solomon Sibley (1804–1805) and Joseph Wilkinson (elected 1805).However, the fire of 1805 destroyed the town and effectively eliminated the government.Explore our free exhibit, take a Yard tour or join an exciting workshop, reading or film.

See History of Detroit, Michigan, for more information about the history of the incorporation of the city.Popular Democratic President Andrew Shepherd is preparing to run for re-election.The President and his staff, led by Chief of Staff and best friend A. Mac Inerney, attempt to consolidate the administration's 63% approval rating by passing a moderate crime control bill.Siya ay biyuda ng dating Senador Benigno Aquino ang ikanamatay ang nagtulak sa EDSA 1 rebolusyon.The comment box is moderated to filter spam and unwanted remarks.. The links are for references only and not as endorsements of other websites related activities or business.