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LAREDO utilizes regional lacrosse tournaments along with summer and fall lacrosse camps as sites for concentrated lacrosse officiating development.

The philosophy behind the LAREDO program is to make these clinics accessible to all lacrosse officials from around the country.

To conduct this study an online survey method is adopted.

This study cover only national libraries of the world which are general in nature and the national libraries of specific subjects are excluded The research is based on the survey of 66 national libraries because the full version of these websites were available in English or both English and their native language.

Library of Congress and The British Library, National Library of USA and UK are good examples for other national libraries to follow for making improvement in this area.

The origin and development of term Web 2.0 which is also called second generation of Internet is outstanding of the present time.

LAREDO Level 2 clinics are designed for 2-person mechanics and are geared toward officials looking to develop their skills and become stronger overall officials.

These clinics combine classroom training with a heavy emphasis on repeated on-field observations for immediate, actionable feedback from the clinicians.After his Ph D he became assistant professor and continued his education and research activities with a strong focus on distributed computing and telecommunications.Besides his employment as university lecturer and researcher he has been involved in several international strategic studies and research projects related to Intelligent Networks, Telecommunications Management Systems, Personal/Mobile Communications, TINA/Next Generation IN, and Mobile Agents/Mobile Middleware within Deutsche Telekom AG, EURESCOM and the European RACE/ACTS/IST research programs.The findings of this research reveal that 42% national libraries adopt one or more Web 2.0 technologies.RSS, Social Networking Sites and Microblog are popular application tools used by national libraries.The development of Web 2.0 presents immense opportunity to library professional for interaction.