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New estimates suggest that the number of people defining themselves as bisexual has jumped by 45 per cent in just three years.For the first time, more young people in Britain describe themselves as bisexual than gay or lesbian combined, the figures from the Office for National Statistics show.

I told her I truly did not know what to do about it. ” It’s not the first time a family member has tried to get me to confess to some closeted love life. One girl and I hooked up back at my hotel room and she gave me the best orgasm of my life by going down on me. She says she has one condition: She’ll hand over the wine if I hand over my i Phone. I literally can’t keep my eyes open so I give my sister permission to line up anyone and anything to keep us busy for the next week. We drank two bottles of wine and now we’re back at her place, which frankly is not that nice — and she has roommates. I hope I can orgasm again, but I’ve never been a multiple-orgasm girl. I kiss Shana on the cheek good-bye and basically run out. My sister is up waiting for the scoop on both Shana and Peter.

I was REALLY nervous, but holy shit, it was the best thing ever. We are going full-blown into the world of online dating, or so I’m told. She has great taste in people (married a wonderful guy) and also used to date women for a brief period — she gets it. I don’t look 43 — though I think 43 is a beautiful age. I guess I get shy on dates and don’t really know what to talk about since I’m honestly way behind the times on pop culture and “normal” banter topics. I am having such a good time with Shana that I literally forget to meet Peter. That’s when I look at my phone and realize I completely stood him up.

Next year I turn 44, and I’m ready to make positive changes in an otherwise stagnant love life. p.m.: I pack up early because I’m taking the train into New York to stay with my sister. I think I am bisexual, but the truth is, I don’t even know. I wake up with a bad hangover and just want to get back to my sister’s place. I text Peter that I completely fucked up and would love a second chance.

Her husband is away, so we have the place to ourselves for a week. Over Thanksgiving, I confided in my sister about my loneliness. ” What is the term for someone who loves no one and is loved by no one? I’ve kissed women at various gay bars I’ve visited while traveling for work. I arrive at my sister’s apartment and she has wine ready. I’m really wet and when she puts her fingers inside me, I come right away. We smoked cigarettes last night, her apartment is gross, and I just feel terrible.

asks anonymous city dwellers to record a week in their sex lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing results. This happens to me sometimes: I get so turned off by dating experiences that I don’t want to date at all.

This week, a 43-year-old doctor in New York to focus on her love life for the first time ever: single, bisexual, staying in Cobble Hill. I’m a doctor living in Boston, but I consider myself from New York (grew up nearby, went to college and med school there). It’s cliché but true: I chose my career over anything else. I can’t fit distractions into my day — there isn’t a second for a breather. Nothing was wrong with Shana, but she was dirty in a way that makes me feel dirty now. There’s so much that can niggle away in an otherwise perfect match. Performing a background check to make sure you don’t have any exes in common with your date is a uniquely gay Deal Breaker, but a necessary evil.Sitting down over your first glass of Chardonnay and listing your recent partners in the order of how much you care(d) about them is seat-squirmingly awkward, butit’s undeniable – Having an ex in common is riddled with issues. Knowing the bouncer, the bartender, and the bulk of the crowd in the gay club is great when you’re single, but if you’re serious about finding someone, you slow it down.“None of my girlfriends that I know of have open relationships,” she said.“We’re in a new time and space where sexuality should be talked about — whether you want to be with two people or three.” The interview did, unsurprisingly, garner much conversation with many thinking that she was trying to blast gay and bisexual men.I bet your license got suspended for driving all these guys crazy. I know you think I'm sexy, I know you think I'm fine, but just like all the other guys get a number and wait in line.