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If your business requirements entail the use of ADF in conjunction with Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Web Center, it is recommended to use the latest, fully integrated 11g Release 1 of Oracle Fusion Middleware (currently at time of publication), including Oracle JDeveloper 11g Release 1.

2) There is no stand-alone installation of the Application Development Runtime component in 11g R2 ADF 11g Release 2 needs to be installed as a patch on top of of an existing Application Development Runtime installation.

While this allows the team to bring the product to market faster, there are a number of critical implications.1) There is no design-time or runtime support for SOA and Web Center components in 11g R2 ADF 11g Release 2 is intended primarily for customers who are building stand-alone ADF applications.For more information about the database objects that are not supported, see "Database Cloud Service Features and Implementation Considerations" which is available on Oracle Technetwork at .Usages of packaged procedures and functions from outside the package are only listed when you use Find Usages on the definition in the package spec.In this post I take my version of Contoso University that I've been using for several years now and amend it so that in the developer inner loop phase (ie everything that happens before code is checked in to the build server) the website runs in a Windows Server 2016 container running IIS (rather than IIS Express) and the SQL Server Database Project runs on SQL Server 2016 (rather than Local DB).

The world of containers is evolving rapidly and the tooling might have changed by the time you read this. As new issues arise, they will be added to this document. Some additional steps are required to install JDeveloper on Mac OS beyond what is documented in the installation guide. Please use the JDeveloper community discussion forum on OTN for questions and answers, as well as to let us know what you think!Please also use the JDeveloper community discussion forum on OTN for questions and answers and to let us know what you think!One very important note about this version is the fact that it is released off-cycle from Oracle Fusion Middleware. This chapter contains the following sections: Section 2.1, "Compatibility, Upgrading, Downgrading, and Installation" Section 2.2, "Features Not Available or Restricted in This Release of Oracle Database" Section 2.3, "Deprecated and Desupported Features for Oracle Database" Section 2.4, "Data Analytics Accelerators on SPARC for Oracle Database Overview" Section 2.5, "Database Security" Section 2.6, "Multitenant Container Database" Section 2.7, "Application Continuity" Section 2.8, "Oracle Application Express" Section 2.9, "Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM)" Section 2.10, "Oracle Database Vault" Section 2.11, "Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express (EM Express)" Section 2.12, "Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Cluster" Section 2.13, "Oracle Multimedia" Section 2.14, "Oracle ODBC Driver" Section 2.15, "Oracle SQL Developer" Section 2.16, "Oracle Spatial and Graph" Section 2.17, "Oracle Text" Section 2.18, "Oracle XML DB" Section 2.19, "Pro*C" Section 2.20, "Pro*COBOL" Section 2.21, "SQL*Plus" Section 2.22, "Open Bugs" directories or their files while Oracle software is running.