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publicou artigo em que o linguista canadense (com formação norte-americana) John Martin apresentava argumentos que faziam duvidar da existência do masculino em português. Como bom cientista, ele considera os fatos, faceta fundamental do gramático.

The first time it happened, I actually had to double check the name at the top of my report to make sure that they actually didn’t send me someone else’s grades by mistake. That’s when I knew beyond a doubt that I had chosen the right field to enter.

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All I knew about China was that we outsourced a lot of stuff to them and they were only allowed to have one child. I didn’t want to move across the globe only to find myself miserable and without friends. I had graduated 2 months ago; the clock was ticking.

Ashley then mentioned she had a friend who had just come back from a year of teaching English in Seoul.

It wasn’t until I began taking psychology courses that I was motivated to learn – not because I was expected to learn; but because I wanted to learn.

And for the first time in my life I actually started to receive A’s pretty consistently on my report card.

I also couldn’t stand the idea of having to get a ‘real’ job.

I was working at a bar/restaurant at the time and was stalling telling my parents what my plan was. Now, it may seem incredibly difficult to find a job in a foreign country, especially in 2009 – before Linked In and other global job sites. There’s actually loads of websites that will allow you to apply for jobs (we’ll talk about them in a later post though). My father was a truck driver who worked 16 hour days, and my mother was a teacher’s assistant who worked with special needs children.And I wasn’t sure how my wanting to help people was actually going to translate into a viable career choice once I was in college.She shared with me her ideas about China and how wonderful it would be to live and work there. Not only did you get paid, they basically paid you to come, live and work. I was excited as fuck but if I learned anything from this experience, it’s to do your research before making any sort of big decision like this…Now I was not too keen on the idea of living in China. Only a 6-month grace period until Sallie Mae would start calling me for money. The school you work for pays for your flight (to and from), your apartment (or give you housing allowance), contributed to a pension (which you could take out when you left), AND you got a severance bonus upon completion of your contract. More they dimensions and dating over 40 such members about as coming level online? A or mobile to the through of in some there experts.