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Like many young women my age, I’ve faced my share of dating obstacles: bad dates, loss of interest and breakups.

On top of all that, women of color, like myself, face being stereotyped and fetishized.

I can’t describe the discomfort that goes through my body whenever men — mostly white men — tell me they exclusively date Asian women.

It’s as if I’m some sort of target or prey for some of the men I’ve encountered.

In turn, the men feel like they are the dominant, more powerful partner, making a stereotypical Asian woman desirable.

If all Asian women are quiet and docile, then call me a witch.

“But there he is, saying, ‘Hey, I was just thinking about you’.” Ask any of your single friends in the capital and they’ll probably have a breadcrumb horror story from the front line of dating. He then started liking my Instagram pictures and I took the bait - I messaged him and we started talking again... "It's been six months and he'll still randomly reply to my tweets, or like a Facebook profile photo from three years ago." Alice thinks that while ghosting is not ideal, being breadcrumbed is a far worse fate for a dater. And my god, thinking you're in a relationship with someone who just wants you on tap until something better comes along sucker punches you far harder than just being ignored." A recent study has shed some light on the phenomenon of breadcrumbing, revealing that it’s normal for millennials to date six people at any one time - lining up a handful of potential partners to take their fancy.

Alice, 27, from Hackney was recently subjected to the oblivion of being breadcrumbed: "We texted each other every single day for an entire year, occasionally meeting up for dinner and sex. "I've been ghosted before, it hurts," she says, "but it's just laziness." "Breadcrumbing takes time. So if you're currently working through the abyss of anxiety that comes hand-in-hand with being breadcrumbed by a significant other, take solace in the fact that you’re probably unknowingly throwing tiny pieces of text-based bread at someone else.But the most recent term to emerge from the quagmire of internet dating might just be the most horrendous one yet.Single people, watch out, because breadcrumbing is now something we all need to be wary of.The slugs appear to have followed me from DC, though, and called their buddies the cabbage worms.As soon as the kale gets anywhere near ready to pick, it’s essentially decimated. So I’ve been relying on other nearby kale-growers for my cavolo nero supply.I’ve decided I’m going to start calling Tuscan kale by its Italian name, “cavolo nero.” Despite the fact that I eat it quite a bit, somehow whenever I talk about kale I end up swallowing my words. The brassica once unknown to this country is now the epitome of “health food”; liquefied into green juices and chopped into raw salads. I am tired of hearing about your kale chips, no offense, guys.