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Sometimes, educating a date can be a fun, flirty, and even freaky experience. But dating in general is not easy for anyone nowadays.

There are so many places to find people you may want to hook up with or date -- where do you start?

And when you throw being HIV positive into the mix, a whole other set of concerns arises.

Some big things to consider are the right time to disclose your status and whether or not it is better to date someone with the same HIV status as you.

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In this day and age, with HIV being so common in the gay community, I would think that talking about your HIV status would be a normal part of dinner date conversation.After getting HIV in 2005, I got into a romantic relationship with someone who was HIV negative. Since I had just been diagnosed, disclosure was my biggest obstacle.I waited a few weeks before telling him because I wanted him to get to know me first -- but then I became eager to disclose because we were having deep feelings and I didn't want him to find out from someone else.But talking about it while dating can still be taboo and awkward.I know it can be for me, especially if the other person gets uncomfortably quiet when I bring it up, or is not very educated about HIV.Looking at them, gawking at them, sharing them, maybe even to them.