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(She would later have two more.)"I just sat down with my guitar," she tells 's Terry Gross.

"I was outside and leaning up against the toilet in Washington State.

It was a million degrees, I was trapped inside a marathon and had to walk up and down the parched, hilly streets in very high heels to reach my destination.

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Among the guests on hand to witness the couple exchange vows were fellow TV presenters Eamonn Holmes and Des O’Connor – her old sidekick from their days presenting afternoon chat show Today with Des and Mel.

I had waited several months to get on a plane to Nashville so I could spend a bit of quality time with the most important musician working these days. After awhile you feel like everyone’s having this other life and you don’t see any of it. The daytime people are so much more inspiring like that…

She's the subject of a new tribute album, , which features tracks from The White Stripes, Kid Rock and Martina Mc Bride, among others who sing her tunes about heartbreak and strife.

Lynn didn't sing much before she started performing to make ends meet in Washington State and later in Nashville, Tenn.

The former White Stripes frontman was listed as a producer, writer and guest vocalist on her song...

In 1960, while leaning up against an old toilet, country star Loretta Lynn wrote her first song, "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl," in just 20 minutes on a guitar her husband had bought her as an anniversary present. She had been married for 11 years and already had four children.

You have it right in your house and you actually still do it. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s physical or musical or whatever. It’s all happening at the same time, so it’s kind of perfect. you just don’t think about the hand parts, it’s hypnotizing. JW- Yeah, driving on a freeway, you can’t remember the last five minutes of the road.

When you work all day long, an 8-hour, 9-hour day, that’s when you start thinking about all of the things you could be doing or writing or recording or painting or sculpting or whatever, when you have to do all this other stuff. like in upholstery, I could create, make something tangible, it’s physical labor, and all that fantasizing about what you could be doing besides this.

and about to go do the things they’re going to do that day…

JW- In the morning if you go and get breakfast and everyone’s buying a newspaper at the diner… P- Paul (Reubens) told me he got to see your upholstery equipment JW- Yeah, he was in my shop! Does it keep you in touch with the real world or something? P- So you can imagine things while your physically doing it? P- My god-daughter was so thrilled I was coming here today, she was beside herself. P- She said, “You’re having an audience with Elvis! [laughs] P- It’s Polly Parsons, and she wanted to know if you’re a fan of her dad, Gram Parsons.

During difficult times for her family, Victoria occasionally asks Emily for assistance, severing contact when Emily has fulfilled her usefulness.