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Playing without injured senior quarterback Jon Beutjer, Illinois took its worst beating of the season Saturday: a 56-14 mauling by No. Purdue's 43-10 drubbing of Illinois was payback for last season's 38-31 upset loss in Champaign.

Illinois probably will be without its best passer--Jon Beutjer--and its best runner--E. "There's a 90 percent chance that Jon won't play," coach Ron Turner said. Now, it's whether the Illini (1-7, 0-4) will even win a Big Ten game. If Beutjer can't play, Turner said he will use either redshirt freshman Chris Pazan, who looked very sharp in his only collegiate appearances in the fourth quarter of the last two games, or senior Dustin Ward, who started five games last season but hasn't played this year.

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Illinois' staggering football team sustained its hardest hit yet Tuesday when it was revealed that senior quarterback Jon Beutjer will miss the remainder of the season because of his injured back. In their losses, they outgained Missouri (411-233), UCLA (283-204) and California (496-368). Halsey, who leads Illinois running backs with 339 yards in four games, scored the first touchdown of his career Saturday when he caught a 10-yard pass from Jon Beutjer. However, a pass ricocheted off his hands into the hands of Cal's Brandon Sanders for an interception in the third quarter. The only time this season the Illini have lost the net-yardage battle (511-461) was in their victory over Illinois State.By November they were back together, seen holding hands as they left the Sugar Factory in New York City.Perhaps you’ve noticed a subtle buzz around the water cooler; there’s a spring in your step, the source of which you can’t quite identify. And how could we forget your illustrious Illinois career, where I personally hated your living guts for ruining the final home game of my undergraduate career? Also, it would appear that describing you as “oft-injured” would be cheritable. The possibilities, the geographical team names, the fact that it collapsed like a hot-air balloon hit by a stinger missile… Perhaps if you had Chris Sanders’ mom in your corner, you could’ve made the NFL. Okay, that’s really unlikely, but if it helps you sleep at night, then use it. At least follow his lead in the category of “not being an enormous bindle of dicks.” Categories : AAFL, AFL (Kind of), Brett Dietz, CERTIFIED QUASI-RELEVANT, Fairy-tale endings, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Homerism: It's What's For Dinner, Illinois, Jon Beutjer, Practice squads? , Tampa Bay Storm, TC, Wheaon Warrenville South The City of Tampa flag pays homage to the Stars and Stripes, as well as the banners of Spain, France, Italy, and Great Britain; if the US forecloses on Florida and any of those countries get it on the cheap, they’ll be covered. Retirees on the freeway with their left turn signal on. By the way, does anyone know who I can throw the ball to next year? Occasionally he’ll get all weepy, and that’s really awkward. Jon Beutjer (born August 15, 1980) is a former American football quarterback.

As a senior at Wheaton Warrenville South High School he threw for a then-national high school record of 60 touchdowns in a 14-game season, winning several Illinois High School Player of the Year honors in the process.

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Turner is undecided on whether he will use redshirt freshman Chris Pazan as Beutjer's replacement or call on senior Dustin Ward, who completed all five of his passes in a fourth-quarter relief appearance.

"Against California they had 399 yards in offense in the second half," Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez said. Halsey scored again on a 29-yard pass from Beutjer in the fourth quarter and finished with seven receptions for 93 yards. For the second straight week, as the final seconds dwindled down, Illinois had an opportunity to send the game into overtime.

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