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Thought it takes a vast amount of both inner and outer strength magic could be used for the benefit of others, but is always part of nature and therefore a part of it is unpredictable.A good example of this is when Merlin freezes a lake to walk across the water, but the process continues and leads to the death of Excalibur.Magic is a primal and visceral force, whilst Morgan relishes the power she does have to learn to take care as she weakened by the this power.

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Magical Powers and Spells Control the elements: Merlin states that he can to some degree control the elements of nature.

We see this when he freezes an entire lake and makes a fire intensify.

Sweep is a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Cate Tiernan, the first of which, Book of Shadows, was published in 2001.

The series follows a teenage girl, Morgan Rowlands, who discovers she is the descendant of a long line of witches, and possesses powerful magick of her own.

However, her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal Blaire.

With his angelic face, gold-colored eyes, perfect body, and olive skin, Cal quickly becomes the center of every girl’s admiration, this including Morgan and her best friend, Bree Warren, who breaks up with her boyfriend, Chris, and Raven (a girl who is popular because she wears heavy metal style and has tattoos).Dates and times are recorded using the typical notation of Astrology, indicating the apparent positions of the Sun and Moon in the tropical zodiac. The latin (Roman) days of the week are: The more precisely the apparent solar and lunar positions are noted, the more precisely the date and time will be known.The Moon takes about 2.3 days to move through a zodiacal sign.Moon Power - Energetic Spells - Prosperity, security, love, music and the arts, business, possessions, self-esteem, values and ethics, bindings, endurance, patience, fertility, contacting Goddess Consecration - High Priestess, pentacle, altar, staff Deity - Gaia Healing - Throat, neck, ears is the best time to work magick for good communication, change of residence, writing, public relations, and travel.Moon Power - Normal Spells - Memory, intelligence, ideas, travel, cars and transportation in general, buying and selling, commerce, siblings, writing, teaching and learning, adaptability, computers, communication, networking, gay, bi or cross gender issues, contacting Goddess.Morgan Rowlands is a high school student living in the picturesque town of Widow's Vale.