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U can do the math as to the degree my main style has attained. Altho Steve is also well trained in the arts as well as an excellent boxer. I think I should take Master Mikel's advice and hang around tournaments - but you don't know who is single...a worry!

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message. When you explore the world of martial arts, you quickly realize it is more than just a fleeting interest.I always think that girls doing martial art are hot. Like I was stressing on the first post I made on this, I don't want to violate the student/teacher relationship. After that whole situation happened, another instrutor started dating ANOTHER student... I don't want to do that to my sifu now plus it is just plan wrong I guess. About 5-6 years ago in my dojo, there was bad cases of fratanzation. Well, I would think you could meet some women at tournaments in your area. Haven't seen it since then (about a month ago) but I'm sure one could find it if they looked hard enough. And if U have the time and get a fairly cheap air just jump in with a tour group to get their rates... The playing field for a strong woman may be reduced, but, someone is out there who will appreciate you. Should Janet swing a baseball bat at me, I'll just have to hope she misses.

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When you sign on for this service, you actually get to list the martial arts in which you specialize to pare down your matching prospects even further.

A lifetime membership is absolutely free and allows you to browse other profiles and send messages to those who look interesting.

I was wondering if anyone knows or ever thought about an online martial arts dating service? It may seem strange taking dating advice from an asexual, but just trust me on this one.

I think it would be pretty cool to get to know someone who would be in martial arts. let's see any single females here in MAP from Colorado?? On a previous forum I moderated, there was a couple that "found" each other. I haven't heard any news from them since I can no longer access that forum but it was such a love story.... My only girlfriend ever (the evil one I had for a week), I found on one of those online things (she just happened to live 5 minutes away from my house), and we matched pretty evenly. You can find someones with a "profile" that 100% matches yours, but it still turns out the both of you are completely different. The last two relationships I have had, I have meant them online.

But yeah I like the idea as long as were not teacher/student relation.