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Fresh pictures have emerged of the American man accused of abusing dozens of children in the Philippines and using webcams to sell livestreams to pedophiles in the US and Australia in a case that has shocked the world.David Timothy Deakin, 53, was arrested last month in what was potentially the largest ever seizure of illicit digital content in the Philippines.Agents said he had a webpage open to wipe his phone clean.

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With his wrists bound, Deakin denied he was part of an international online pedophile ring, as investigators sifted through stacks of computer files allegedly found in his home.'I'm a file pack rat.

I've got files of frigging everything,' Deakin reportedly protested.

After a few days of chatting, Nicole causally told the agent about their “shows”.

“It was the first time we heard of parents using their children,” said the middle-aged woman.

Authorities considered that operation in 2011 to be a one-off case.

But the next month, another family was caught in the same area.Images taken shortly after his arrest emerged on Thursday, showing the suspected child abuser handcuffed to a chair with his head buried in his right arm.In another, the accused cybersex operator is seen staring at the ground as he wipes his nose - still handcuffed to the chair.When I opened this friend request up, the picture was of a quite attractive woman.The Info was pretty basic but showed a number of "pages" the person was on and a list of other friends -- just like a normal Facebook Info page.This generally happens to me about once every week or two -- the people are typically faculty or students in Third World countries, or strange motivational speakers and similar types whose pages show they have 3,000 Facebook friends.