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Doctors don’t operate on patients with whom they are involved. Journalists who sleep with their sources get fired.

So why should it be OK for lawyers to have sex with their clients in California?

Over the objection of her professor, she wrote her honors thesis on black writers.

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She began work on a graduate degree at New York University, where she became interested in the civil rights movement.After earning a master's degree, she became a teacher and, in 1966, moved to Los Angeles, California, and lived in Watts.We're not identifying the victim's parents to protect their daughter, but they just knew their daughter wasn't his first victim when he was already 66 years old."In a lot of these cases, there are so many people who are ashamed of what's happened, even though it's not their fault, that they keep quiet," said a victim's parent.In fact, after Action News reported about Argote's arrest last year, a second victim said he did it to her too, and he admitted sex crimes dating back to 2009.A plea deal calls for him to serve an 18-year prison sentence -- about 30 years less than he could've gotten, but enough time for the victims to feel justice is served."We spent a lot of time with both families discussing this case and what they wanted to see as a resolution," said prosecutor Deborah Girard.

"Both families are satisfied this is the appropriate resolution so their daughters don't have to come to court and testify against him.""We were very satisfied with the way things turned out," said one victim's parent.

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Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

The couple had their only child, Lisa, on September 20, 1961, and divorced shortly after.

Lisa Bloom is also an attorney and is best known as a former Court TV anchor.

He taught at Mendota High School and gave private lessons in Fresno until his arrest last year.