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– The AARP Fraud Watch Network brings fraud-fighting efforts to consumers nationwide in “Operation: Stop Scams” — a month-long series of events in communities coast-to-coast, as AARP state organizations sponsor more than 150 free local events in nearly every state and the District of Columbia from Friday, April 14, through Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

Events include: paper-shredding events, fraud education programs – popularly referred to as “scam …

Columbia Special Products Detroit office was first located in the Fisher Building during the mid '60's.

These numbers and letters can reveal the date the disc was manufactured and/or mastered and by whom and where!

This will be an on-going project, so all additional information is welcome.

The master number is 10117 whilst the label number is 6412. From January 1967 a pressing plant code was added to the master numbers: Like RCA and Capitol, Columbia's pressing plants and mastering services were used an awful lot by smaller independent local labels.

Their three main (others in Terre Haute IN, Pitman NJ) pressing plants were based in Chicago, Nashville and New York, and are identifiable by the stamped in prefix to the number in the deadwax: The job numbers which follow the ZTSC, ZTSP, ZTSB codes were allotted out of the offices in the Fisher Building in Detroit, and were often allocated in batches.

Won the Biletnikoff Award as the nation's top receiver in 2013, when he established Pac-12 single-season records with 128 receptions and 1,730 receiving yards, which led the FBS, in 13 starts at flanker; he also had 16 receiving touchdowns. Also had 61 career rushes for 340 yards (5.6) and two touchdowns. Sinks his hips with ease and pops out of breaks to separate.

Owns Oregon State record for career touchdown catches (24). Others, however, might do something innovative, audacious even. Here companies operate for years without showing a profit, for better or worse. Then there’s Sam Hinkie, the former GM of the 76ers. He did the kind of stuff people talk about late at night after three beers, because theoretically it just might work, but no one actually does. And, depending on your perspective, his plan either worked, sorta worked, or failed in spectacular fashion. What happens when you’re 38 years old and have already blown up a franchise and become both cult hero and cautionary tale. Here no one tries to replicate the status quo or embrace average.Stereo 45 matrix numbers from NY/Hollywood always bore a 'ZTS' prefix; Chicago used 'ZCSV' prior to 1969, and 'ZTSV' thereafter; Nashville's stereo matrix prefix was 'ZSSB.' EP releases bore the following prefix codes: ZTEP = New York/Hollywood; ZTEC = Chicago; ZTEB = Nashville. Plenty of people—perhaps most of us—would play it safe. “When I meet someone out here, I’ll say, ‘I’m kind of between gigs,’ ” Hinkie says.His Ph D thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating.