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In the past few months we've seen a few questions about using Kendo UI with Microsoft's ASP. The gorilla in the room is "Does Kendo UI Work With Web API? The most commonly used of these for creating RESTful services is probably ASP. Just when we were all becoming comfortable with MVC, Web API showed up. NET MVC, and Web API to identify some of the differences between the two. One is to use straight Kendo UI Java Script, and the other is of course to use the MVC Server Wrappers.

It is agnostic of what your server is doing and in the end, really just wants you to provide it with a healthy diet of JSON data. You have a cornucopia of options when it comes to using ASP. Essentially, you can get your data as JSON using any of the following: All of those are capable of returning JSON data via a URL, which is precisely what you want when building HTML5 applications.

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It's Output Window text and thus you need to set it in the Output Window. offcourse, this is just extra information you don't HAVE to give.t; tags you should add to your method?

So open Output Window, right-click and uncheck Exception Messages from context menu. What if your method calls 20 other methods, where each of them throws say 3 exceptions?

We were also fortunate to be joined on stage by several great Azure customers who talked about their experiences using Azure including:, Nascar, Alaska Airlines, Walmart, and Thyssen Krupp.

All of the talks presented at Azure Con (including the 60 breakout talks) are now available to watch online. My keynote to kick off the event was an hour long and provided an end-to-end look at Azure and some of the big new announcements of the day. Both of these additions are available to start using immediately.

Kendo UI itself is engineered towards open web standards and does not cater to a specific technology stack. NET as Scott Hanselman is fond of saying, but that doesn’t change the fact that all the choices, acronyms and technologies can get really confusing.

Web API allows you to more easily adhere to a RESTful schema with your URL’s and is very closely related to ASP. You have several options comes to using it with each of these with Kendo UI. If you decide to use the Kendo UI Java Script libraries directly, returning JSON is simple. NET can serialize your response, this is all there is to it.If that sounds more like activities on your web application that users might participate in, then read on.which is ranked by prevalence and business impact.Like trash attracts flies, the ever evolving user immersion of today’s web applications is a playground for vulnerabilities such as XSS.I'm getting exceptions when trying to add duplicate item to hashtable or trying to get the item with the key which doesn't exist in custom collection. In Java the method declaration included the exception type(s) thrown. AFAIK, there is no way to determine whether the method throws an exception in . It would be great if it worked Java way because our VSdocman could automatically generate Actually you can just add some XML document above your methods...Doing it in countless loops, I'm getting hundreds of warnings at debug time. Yes, I could use millions of checks to avoid exceptions but I think that avoiding this is one of the exceptions purposes. You most likely see these messages in Immediate Window because you have set Redirect all Output Window text to the Immediate Window in Tools - Options... That's why when you right-click in Immediate Window, you cannot see any option to disable messages. this will give others some indication of what your code throws: /// /// This method does something /// /// If this happens this exception is thrown Gives you some information when you watch the method info trough the object browser and stuff...But why is that and what can we do about preventing XSS in ASP. If you have spent anytime attempting to wrap your head around XSS, like many, you might have come to the same conclusion of feeling overwhelmed and perplexed.