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This begins the start of a friendship as he and Unique share positive interactions during the Closer performance by New Directions.

When a school shooting occurs, Ryder can be seen comforting Unique near an empty space to hide, wrapping his arm around her as she cries.

Ryder and Unique perform with each other at Prom, alongside Jake and Marley, while singing Sgt.

Meanwhile, Ryder and Unique can both be seen shocked as a bucket of slush splashed down on Tina after winning Prom Queen, and in the choir room, Unique would agree to giving Tina her dress during the aftermath, she makes a comment while standing next to Ryder, and he smiles.

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Unique angrily replies, "It doesn't matter what you think, you don't get to decide for me" and storms out of the choir room.

Later on, Ryder decides to apologize to Unique, but when she cries and explains what had happened to her when girls started to follow her and tease her on the way home, Ryder develops sympathy.

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