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(I'm on a laptop, for example, and need to remove thumb drives when I pack it up for travel.) Thanks!Just a tip for those who are interested in using their USB flash drive as an extension to the virtual RAM of Microsoft Windows or to extend the virtual memory of the operating system.Note this same work around should work in theory with the Canon MF3111 model as well.

I was also able to install a Net Gear WGPS606 Wireless Print server and get my Canon MF3110 and Epson Photo 1400 working just fine on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.

So for anyone looking to hack job their Canon MF3110 so that it can at least print on a Windows 7 64 bit or Windows Vista x64 bit Operating System, know that you can get this to work by leveraging the MF5730 drivers from Canon

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Mass Effect 2 is included in the Mass Effect Trilogy, a boxed set containing all three Mass Effect games.

The Trilogy was released on November 6, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PC for .99 USD.But if the USB flash drive is used as RAM where millions of transfers are done each minute, it will definitely decrease the life of the flash drive. Just follow the procedure and just replace old page for virtual memory, which is already on your hdd.For example I don't remember the exact size, but I left it to 4gb. Rename it as local disk and if doesn't have letter, give it one. If you want Windows XP to stop using your " C:" hard drive for the swap file, you have to remove its swap file by clicking on that hard drive inside the screen where you choose your hard drive swap file size and on the " C:" drive, you choose " NO" virtual memory.A Play Station 3 version of the Trilogy was released on December 4, 2012 for .99 USD.Depending on where the game is purchased, what edition is purchased and whether or not it was pre-ordered, the customer may be entitled to one or more Retail Bonus Items.I have luckily managed to figure out how to get my Canon MF3110 printing with Windows 7 64 bit even though there is no driver for Windows 7 64bit for the Canon MF3110 Multifunction Printer.