Validating email in php

I'm not sure about 5.3.4 final, but it is written that some 5.3.4-snapshot versions also were affected. To verify an authorized user registration and to avoid duplicacy in accounts of users for an organization, it becomes very important to verify his/her identity.

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If the REQUEST_METHOD is POST, then the form has been submitted - and it should be validated.

If it has not been submitted, skip the validation and display a blank form.

Local nicknames or * unqualified names MUST NOT be used.

Returns: PHP Version: 5.2.14 //On MY server, may be different depending on which version you have installed.

Each character must be a letter, number, or one of the permitted special characters: ! Most do not attempt to enforce the complete set of validation rules.

In addition, I simply don't like regular expressions. It's hard to write a regular expression to validate something complicated.

HP 5.3.3 and 5.2.14 had a bug ( related to FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL, which resulted in segfault when validating large values.

Simple and safe workaround for this is using strlen() before filter_val().

Michael's regex considers [email protected] a valid address * which conflicts with section 2.3.5 of RFC 5321 which states that: * * Only resolvable, fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs) are permitted * when domain names are used in SMTP.

In other words, names that can * be resolved to MX RRs or address (i.e., A or AAAA) RRs (as discussed * in Section 5) are permitted, as are CNAME RRs whose targets can be * resolved, in turn, to MX or address RRs.

To get a valid email id we use a regular expression /^\w ([\.-]?