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And this is a great thing because Allah loves it when we call upon Him.Calling upon Allah shows that we’re humble, and that we need Him, and that we know we are helpless without Him.

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I did not participate or respond to the Krewella breakup chatter.I just stalked the fuck out of myself, read comments, and played the voyeur like Peeping Tom.“People are always kind of shocked when we tell them we’re from there.I’m not trying to be political or anything, but you can kind of tell what I’m insinuating at. Krewella Responds to Kris Trindle Lawsuit When my sister Yasmine and I got sued by our former bandmate, Kris Trindl, for allegedly "forcing" him out of the group for being "sober," some of you told us to pursue a career in porn as we had failed at Krewella.

I am a singer, songwriter and DJ of currently the most hated group in the electronic dance music scene: Krewella.

Yasmine took to her Tumblr account to address how she feels about internet trolls and haters.

Here’s what she had to say: The internet has been a battlefield lately.

With the recent leak of something as huge as Daft Punk’s new album, musicians jumping down each other’s throats over other petty issues, and fans/anti-fans getting in the middle of all of this shit, it’s impossible to scroll through my timeline on any social media and not see a post that is hating on something or someone. We’re coming upon the conclusion of the full length album, and for anyone who puts their heart into the music they create and let it out into the world once it is (almost but not ever quite) perfect knows how anxiety-inducing it is in the current day and age to do such a thing.

Some support you, but others will stop at nothing to cut you down and make you feel worthless about yourself as a musician and even a person sometimes.

"Highly publicized," meaning it was embarrassingly the No.