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While switching to the "new" messenger platform is Yahoo's recommended course of action, Ship & Bunker's initial investigation indicates the transition could be problematic.

For starters, while Yahoo says it is "working on bringing you a new Yahoo Messenger desktop application for both Windows & Mac," right now there is no replacement desktop tool - only browser-based and mobile apps.

There is not a large amount of information that needs to be entered for yourself, so you can create your profile quickly and start searching for the perfect partner.

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He told me he had been out shopping for antiques and sent me the invoice with my name on the top with him “Mr and Mrs Tyon and Sandra Gates”.Telling me that I will be a part of his life and that he wants to spoil me – take care of me and that he will be very wealthy once he sells his wares back in the US.another nigerian scammer story I am a mid forties woman living in Melbourne and have been on searching for a partner. .he could not believe he had met such an angel as me. ) I soon gave him my number and he began ringing me frequently calling me “Sweetie, Honey” etc. In early February 2009 a man by the name of Tyon Gates ([email protected] me an email telling me how beautiful I was and that he wanted to get to know me . He soon removed his profile from the dating site and we were chatting frequently on yahoo messenger (which he helped me set up!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

So I take the initiative to e-mail someone who indicated he wanted to get to know me via the automated message.

Same goes for messages sent through third-party apps built on top of Yahoo's API," Engadget wrote.

Archived conversations will also be deleted, it was reported.

Personals can gives you the connection singles are looking for.

This dating service has been designed with the idea of simplicity.

With well over 10 million members with profiles, Yahoo!