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On more than a handful of occasions the ex insisted on staying past the point of wearing out our welcome.

He was completely unfazed that we were one of the few people left at a stranger’s party in some fancy apartment. I did not care what people thought if I was exhausted.

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Let’s start from this worksheet where we have nothing except our employees’ name for the beginning.

First, in A1, we will add a drop-down list in order to select the month.

These issues are tough enough to work through on my own, so I can’t imagine throwing another person into that mix.

Some people are capable of being in a relationship while also bettering themselves — kudos to you!

“I have to be up early for work,” I’d say politely.

“Only a few more minutes,” he kept saying, which always meant at least an hour. There would be an awkward silence as all parties were put on the spot.

That indicates I’m unhappy with my situation, and the truth is, I am perfectly content being single.

People might roll their eyes and think, “OK, whatever you need to tell yourself, honey.” That’s fine, but I truly believe that being single for most of my adult life is shaping me into the person I am meant to be.

Now, we have to create a formula which will return the first date of the month based on the inputs in cells A1 (the month) and A2 (the year).

To do this, we have to use the formula DATE to calculate the first day of any month in fonction of the value in the cells A1 and A2.

” camp, I’m going to share why being single isn’t bad at all and perhaps — dare I say — even good.